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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Without you...

You came and showed her the light at the end of the tunnel
She would never have gotten through it without you…

You showed her the silver lining around her dark clouds
She would never have looked that high up without you…

You took her upon your shoulder so that she could see the view
Would she have ever seen that far without you?

You raised her up when she was beneath the rocks
She would have never gotten this high without you…

You gave her faith when she stopped believing
Could she have ever kept it without you?

You rescued her from the fiery monster in her dungeon
She would never have come back to the castle without you…

You saved her life when she was bound and broken
I doubt if she would’ve ever survived without you…

You gave her your crown when she couldn't hold on to her’s
She would have never felt like a queen without you…

You left without a word, without a goodbye
Now she’s lost and I don’t know what she’ll do without you.


  1. Thanks Amit. Glad you were "quite" touched. :)

  2. strange but true, life will move on for you too princess- No doubt

    new icings comes in life with different flavors but i doubt if people really remember the old flavored 1s. U DO SAYS U ARE THE BEST I CAME ACROSS. i am sure it will be same in the otherside

  3. some emotions left in this world " strange for me"
    well somethings there still in this world for me to live for
    urs words!!!!!!!!!

  4. That is beautiful... but who are you??