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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


All my life I have been searching for a Guru. The perfect Guru. I always imagined a wise old man, with long gray hair and a robe, sitting under a tree (very typical!) So when I finally found him – it was a jolting surprise! He had long gray hair and a white shiny beard alright! But he was not your conventional guru. Wearing blue jeans, a T-shirt and trendy shades, he was speeding in a Rover. I immediately realized that he’s no ordinary guru. But one look at him and I knew it, he was the one I was searching for. Sadhguru. Who would’ve imagined?

I heard him speak. Never heard anything like that in my life before. I was instantly blown off of my feet. He spoke with such conviction and ease. His purpose is undoubtedly to do this. His knowledge seemed to be like a bottomless reservoir. Still, he claimed to know nothing. Nothing but himself, nothing but the truth. For me, (like so many others), it was definitely an Aha!! moment.

I did not want to meet any movie star, any rock star, anyone, as badly as I wanted to meet him. I finally did, it was a celebration of life for me. Every night when I pray, I secretly hope that, when I open my eyes, god will be standing there and smiling at me. I always imagined a funny grin, which would eventually turn into a warm smile that would tear me apart. I feel like my hopes turned to reality.

Now everyday I find my life taking newer dimensions; everyday I find more of myself. Life suddenly seems so easy and beautiful. I am just sailing through it. I’ve never been happier. Thanks to Sadhguru, for making me realize that the only person who can make me happy… is myself. Nothing had gotten me so fascinated ever. But this great being has, and I will be eternally grateful that GOD loved me enough to put me in the same lifetime as Sadhguru. So that I may experience him, his words, his energy and everything he has to offer. I love you with all my heart Sadhguru and I will be grateful to you forever. Maybe for many more lifetimes.

As he rightly says, you don’t choose your Guru, your Guru chooses you! This was definitely my calling!

I bow down to him for everything that I know… and for everything I don’t.


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