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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Be AWARE - Yoga with awareness

We all love our daily dose of blissful yoga. But doing these same asanas with a little bit of awareness can make a world of difference. In fact, isn’t this exactly what sets Yoga apart from any other kind of exercise? With Yoga, since we are seeking for something more than just physical fitness, we should be ready to give something more than just our body. Here is where our awareness comes into play.
There is so much talk about awareness but the question is how do we inculcate it into our daily lives? Awareness is nothing but doing/being with a certain sense of consciousness. With a little bit of effort this can be achieved.
Try this: 
Do your usual Suryanamaskara just as you would do any other exercise. Observe how you feel and how your body and mind respond. You will definitely feel good as your body gets stretched and feels lighter no doubt. 
Now do the same Suryanamaskara with total awareness. Every move, every inhalation, every exhalation, every sensation in your body should be given attention. Now observe. Your body and mind respond in an entirely different way. A few things you will observe right away are: (A) your breath becomes deeper, slower and totally in sync with your body. (B) You will know exactly which muscle is getting strained in which posture (c) Your entire asana will be more enhanced and you will find yourself going a little beyond the usual limitations of your body. In fact it can shift you to a whole new dimension.
Your daily practice will become more than just that - A practice. And with time you will see that the awareness no longer limits itself just to the practices… it will become a way of life.