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Thursday, January 5, 2012


The Rann of Kutch opens up into a vast emptiness that screams in silence. A place that is so engulfed in its own empty space that it refuses accept any form of life. No animal life, no plants, not even a blade of grass. Such is its unyielding hostility. Anywhere you look, you will be welcomed only by unending stretches of bare white land. The white by the way is apparently the salt residue on the desert which once used to be a sea.

Just like how silence can sometimes be deafening, this vast land of emptiness seemed so full. Full of so many things. For me, so many emotions. War. Peace. Love. Loss. It makes me think of the ordeal the sea must have gone through before being stripped of all its glory and reduced to a colorless, lifeless delusive land.

The Rann of Kutch will never fail to intimidate even the most undaunted. Standing in the middle of this sea of nothingness, made me strangely silent. Silent - in introspection of all the emptiness within me. Silently wondering if I can be so inviting yet so hostile. Silent… because how could I be heard anyway, when this emptiness is screaming so loud?

Photo courtesy: Poornima Sukumar