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Friday, September 24, 2010

I see now...

I close my eyes and I see your face,
Suddenly no more are these miles of space.

I'm sorry that I denied it all this while,
But now I really wanna make you smile.

Darling, I don't know as to where we stand,
But I know that forever I wanna hold your hand!


  1. okkkkkkkk!!!!!!! can u pls enlighten me???

  2. Typical of you...picking our brains...and leave US guessing!! The best part is...we all respond immediately in the hope that its one of us! But we also know it isn't...and the ones who haven't responded, haven't, cos they are pretty sure it could be them...so ...what am I trying to say now?

    Go figure!

  3. hahahahhaaaaaaa i love to keep people guessing. Gives me such a high! ;) and i love the people whose brains i successfully pick :)