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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oh … K!

I recently watched this movie called “Wake Up Sid”. (yeah yeah its been a while since its release, I know!) It was a fun, light-hearted story about a young boy, transitioning from an immature, shallow, spoilt brat, who can’t care less about his exams, to an endearing and sensitive young man.

The protagonist in the movie - Sid reminded me of one of my best friends from college – Kartik aka K. He, like Sid was utterly spoilt, so shallow (I’ve had baths that are deeper) couldn’t care less about the world (leave alone his exams), but thought he was perfection personified.

He hated home food. His mom would pack curd rice for him every other day, which he very conveniently donated to the needy and lived on burgers and fries almost every lunch break. (very generous!) His sense of humor drove me crazy! He called me Bhains (buffalo) when I would come back after every vacation putting on a little holiday weight. His sense of humor was mean and insensitive, and he laughed his ass off for his own jokes, (but I must admit, he was funny as hell).

I always acted like the grown up among the two of us and would constantly nag him saying that he was too immature for me and would declare that nothing would ever happen between us. He would vehemently deny ever having had that idea.
But we were buddies. From the first year to the fifth. We had absolutely nothing in common, but did everything together, we fought like hell, but we were inseparable.

He is now in San Francisco, living by himself, washing his own clothes, earning his own living and cooking his own food (Indian food mind you– he now has a fierce aversion towards burgers and fries). That’s some transformation for you!
So now I am happy to declare that K... has finally woken up!

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